Glow sticks are one of the fascinating products for children today. You can also see glow sticks in recreational events, camping, concerts, medical emergencies, and police operations. If you are also someone who is pretty fascinated with such sticks, you should consider ordering glow sticks bulk because, just like you, many people want to grab such sticks. Before it gets short in the market, stock it up. Well! This article will find some of the exciting information you need about glow sticks. Read on!

What Are Glow Sticks Exactly?

Glow sticks are small plastic tubes filled with liquid chemicals that turn an otherwise dull surface into something that glows in the dark. You can buy them at craft stores, drugstores, and even online stores. Suppose you’re looking for something more high-tech than just a stick of plastic with a few drops of ink in it or something that reacts with an ultraviolet light or turns into a 3D moving picture after you touch it. In that case, you’ll probably want to get a set of LED lights instead (and they’re even easier to find).

How Do Glow Sticks Work?

You may have noticed that glow sticks emit light, but you might not know how they do it. If you’ve ever tried to make a glow stick, you know that there are two parts: an outer casing and the chemical inside.

What makes glow sticks function? The chemical inside is called luminescent material, a type of substance that can absorb light and emit light in the form of photons (tiny particles).

Do Glow Sticks Expire?

Yes, glow sticks do expire. However, if you take care of them and use them within the recommended time frame, your glow sticks should last for quite a while.

If you want to know whether or not your glow stick is expired, there are two main indicators:

  • The color of the light will be different from how it used to be when you first got it. If the colour has changed significantly or doesn’t appear at all anymore, this is a good sign that something may be wrong with your glow stick.
  • Cracks in the core of your glow stick weren’t there before. This means that it has been frozen or left out in sub-optimal conditions (such as extreme heat) and no longer contains enough fluid to work correctly.

How Can You Turn Off A Glow Stick?

You can’t turn off a glow stick. Or rather, you can’t stop the glow. A glow stick will continue to emit light as long as it has power, and there is no way to shut down that power source. However, there are two ways to stop the glow: Expose it to light or Break it in two. If you expose the entire length of your glow stick to direct sunlight, it will stop emitting light within 10 minutes or so. And when you break it up in two, all of those chemicals will leak out onto one side or another and won’t be able to interact with one another anymore, so that they won’t produce any light!


Besides all the above info, you must also know that glow sticks have a shelf life of around two years before they are activated. Once they are activated, their life decreases as per their usage! Today you can find a variety of glow sticks all across the world in the local as well as in the digital market! So, if you think it is something that can fascinate the entire vibe around you, grab them now!


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