Lounge chairs are an essential part of your home. However, over the years, the designs have evolved. Some have cushioned exteriors, while others are more exceptional pieces of woodwork with leather designs. Another standard lounge chair, the Chandigarh lounge chair, has been available since the 1950s.

This chair gets its name from the city of India, Chandigarh, because it was designed it in. If you explore some historical pictures, you’ll find them present in various settings. The chair is recognizable by its signature V-shaped legs.

The backrest is attached to the base by a fit-in. However, the attachment of the backrest and base varies from design to design. Chandigarh lounge chairs are emblems of traditional furniture, but they add a unique charm to your home. A leading seller in this regard is Kutaie Furniture because they have some exquisite designs. Are you interested in a glimpse? Click here!

Why Should You Buy Your Next Chandigarh Chair from Kutaie Furniture?

If you are an Asian, you’ll love to have one in your home. However, considering all the available possibilities, picking the ideal seller takes time and effort. Here are some features of the k-035 Chandigarh chair by Kutaie Furniture, which will make you buy it instantly!


The first thing that customers see when buying furniture is color. Mostly versatile colors are preferable. This chair comes in a seared ash color, perfect for almost all home interiors.

You can pair some ottomans with its rattan color to create a symmetrical look. Also, you can place some seat cushions on it if you want a softer sitting base.


The absence of armrests is noticeable. Most luxury-looking chairs don’t have them, making users uncomfortable if they want to lean to one side. This Chandigarh lounge chair is the ideal solution. The sturdy armrests can handle a good range of weights. It is also suitable for seating children because they won’t slip away from the sides.

In addition, to all these, armrests complete the classy look of the chair. Chandigarh chairs have iconic armrests, which are amiss in other chairs.

The Weave

Weaved backrests and seats are a classic and timeless furniture décor. The chair has a durable and brilliant rattan weave to complement its dark base color. Rattan is the best type of weave because wood is its chief constituent. That is why it is more durable than other types of weaves.

Moreover, it is superbly stretchable and comfortable. You’ll never feel that you are sitting on a chair without a cushion! The neutral color weave is dust resistant due to its spacey and flat pattern.


You can place the chair almost anywhere. You can buy one for your workplace or home because it is useable in all settings. You can also put it in your balcony sitting area and set small tea tables for an enjoyable tea party.

Hotels require a lot of sitting space. Apart from the room furniture, it would be best to have chairs for people waiting in the lobbies or yard seatings. There is no better option than this masterpiece from Kutaie Furniture.

Summing Up

Chandigarh lounge chairs hold a cultural value. They have a timeless style that can light up all home decor. If you are Asian, living aboard having one will make you feel less distanced from your home country.

Since they are classic furniture accessories, most modern-day sellers don’t have them. But worry not; Kutaie Furniture is here to help.

The above article explains all the features of its k-035 Chandigarh lounge chair. It has a seared ash color, sturdy rattan weave, and elegant armrests. Moreover, the weave is dust resistant and requires no regular cleaning and maintenance. If you were looking for a lightweight, graceful, zero-maintenance, and ready-to-use furniture item, grab it now!


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