Neat and tight dreadlocks look better than when bent. Whether it’s synthetic or human hair locs, keeping them tight is necessary. Having your dreadlocks tight may take time, but it does happen eventually. Young or new human hair locs appear looser than mature ones because they are yet to grow and fully lock. The mature kind may be loose due to excessive damage caused by over-maintenance, regular heat, dye, or chemical residues. Proper care is the number one factor for getting well-locked hair. This article explains ways to have tight human hair dreadlocks.

Ways to keep your human hair dreadlocks tight

Unlike in the past, people now appreciate dreads, and several professions have no problem with the type of hairstyle you keep up with. However, that does not mean you should keep your hair unmaintained. For instance, loose dreadlocks often bend and appear to have gaps within each lock. That interferes with your style. So, how can you avoid that? You can avoid the loosening by;

Using a locking gel

Everyone going through the locs journey finally gets tight dreadlocks. It’s best to wait it out, but it’s not a crime if you don’t. The locking gel is suitable for tightening as it makes the hair strands stick together. The tricky part comes in when choosing the ideal gel. Go for water-soluble gels that quickly come off when washed. Non-soluble gels don’t wash off entirely, leaving remnants in the hair. Locs with gel stay in place, and you move them when needed.

Braid the locs

Braiding the hair in small sections keeps it intact and tight. You can braid over the locs like in the case of starter locs since they are small and short. It helps them tighten, especially the roots, to create a uniform strand. For mature human hair dreadlocks, adding braids over them may not be suitable. Creating small parts for braiding or styling helps them tighten.

Use proper products

The right products are vital contributors to tightness. They strengthen and add texture to the hair, preventing bending and eventually breaking. Good quality hair products have the correct moisture content, chemical percentages, etc. Use a moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and a suitable sealant to keep moisture. You can inquire from your salonist about the best products if you have no idea what to choose.

Avoid too much washing

Excessive hair cleaning strips all moisture and loosens the strands. Clean your scalp anywhere between six to eight weeks, depending on your hair growth. Be gentle while washing the locs. Don’t be in a hurry while detangling as you can break them. You can have someone with expertise clean them if you doubt the cleaning procedure you know about.

In summary

Proper maintenance protects the human hair locs from unwanted damage. The process keeps them tight, strong, and healthy, which is what every dreadlock lover wants. Avoid excessive washing and use good-quality products to hold in moisture. Braid the hair or apply gel to help tighten the strands. Lastly, identify the cause of the damage before using the tightening methods for better results.


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