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Thought of as a Renaissance man by his friends, Jason Hagen works as a professional musician and music teacher in New York City, owns a successful real estate business based in Pennsylvania, and is a developer of two iphone applications including the Singers Vocal Warmup. Jason is the author of the Atheist Pocket Debater. 
About The Author
may I be so bold?
to proclaim
the emperors got no clothes on
and has no shame

it's oversold
no evidence for the claim
just like a ufo
or the monster in the lake

won't you sit right down and relax and
think for moment.

oh does any of this, sound right to you
does that story, sound right to you
do we live in a world made up fairy tales
 from a dream?

one billion believers
doesn't make something true
you say a ghost haunts the stage
are demons possessing you?

it's all a conspiracy
hidden faces on the moon
all the ancient prophesies
of madmen and fools

the mind is a skeptical machine if
you can turn it on

oh does this, sound right to you
does that story, sound right to you
do we live in a world - made up fairy
tales from a dream
Turn on the machine

won't you sit right back and relax and
say to yourself
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ATHEIST POCKET DEBATER; Released: Apr 09, 2010
Updated: Jul 23, 2010
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