Human hair wigs are the highest quality of wigs on the market. For this and several other reasons, authentic human hair wigs are usually more costly than different types of wigs. However, getting real human hair wigs can be tasking. This is because of the several inauthentic or fake options and fraudulent companies selling human hair wigs. You can consider a few authentic human hair wigs characteristics when choosing the best products.

Defining authentic human hair wigs

Telling apart real from authentic human hair wigs is easy if you understand the following characteristics;

1. Authentic human hair wigs strength

Compared to synthetic hair, authentic human hair wigs are more fragile. They are made from natural hair donated by actual human beings. The hairs break and get damaged more easily. Therefore, they require a more delicate touch when washing, combing, and processing. However, natural hair wigs are stronger than their counterparts in some aspects. For instance, they can withstand various treatments like dying and styling using heat. Processed hairs do not bleach or dye appropriately because they lack the natural cuticles that hold in the colors. Additionally, they do not take heat treatments like curling with a curling iron as the heat burns and damages them.

2. Authentic human hair wigs texture

Authentic human hair wigs have a soft and natural texture. They feature a remarkable shine and movement that synthetic hair manufacturers cannot duplicate. You can tell them apart from synthetic or processed hair by touching and looking at them. The textures of authentic human hair wigs also change when exposed to water. Water causes natural hair to grow in volume and curl.

The hair texture differs depending on the source of the hair. For instance, Asian hair is usually thicker, straighter, softer, and shinier. On the other hand, European hair is usually slightly curlier and has more texture.

3. Authentic human hair wigs durability

Real human hair wigs are naturally more durable than their synthetic counterparts. This is primarily because they are manufactured from natural hair. However, their durability can be influenced by processing and styling procedures. For instance, exposing your human hair wigs to chemicals constantly can lead to damage. Using a curling iron or heat on your wig can also damage it.

4. Authentic human hair wigs tangles

You can also tell apart a fake and authentic human hair wig by checking the tangles. Synthetic or inauthentic human hair wigs tend to tangle more. While human hair wigs are not 100% free from knots, they do not tangle much. However, the length of the hair can influence how much it tangles. Naturally, longer hair tends to get more tangles more than short hair.

Final word

When looking for authentic human hair wigs, you can run some tests on the hair to find out if it is authentic. For instance, you can use the flame test. Here, pluck a few strands of the hair and place it on a flame. Natural human hair will curl, while fake hair will burn like plastic and produce a foul smell. The bleach and water test would also come in handy.


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