Which is a better loose wave or body wave?

Women in fashion use both loose and body wave hair to complement their beauty regardless of the preferred hairstyle. Although, when choosing the best wave for you, it would be best to pay attention to the volume and style you would like to have on your hair. Loose extensions usually have volume and look good on a person who is looking for a curly style. Loose waves may also turn out great in a variety of styles while still maintaining the curl.

On the other hand, body wave hair has a loose and natural look with a curly and straight character. The body wave hair curls look relaxed, and people might prefer them because of the curly look. If you are interested in getting curly hair, body wave hair might be an option you want to consider.

How do you make body waves curls?

If you want to make your body wave hair curls, you would grab a strand of hair from the top and wrap it all around a wand. Afterward, leave the wrapped strand of hair on the rod while still holding it for fifteen seconds. Release the wrapped hair strand and bounce it to keep the curl a little bit longer.

Follow the exact instructions with a longer strand of hair. In this case, you will have to wrap the hair strand closely to fit nicely on the wand. You should release it slowly and bounce it as previously.

When making curls with your leave-out and bundle piece, grab both your natural hair and the bundle piece. Wrap both of them on the wand as you twist them together around the rod to the end. Twisting them makes them blend well with no distinction. Afterward, release and bounce them gently to get one big spiral.

Can you make body wave hair straight?

Yes. You can make body wave hair straight using a mini-portable flat iron. You need to have a Denman brush or something similar, a mirror, and a mini-flat iron. Take the mini-portable flat iron and blow through the little kinks and waves. As you pass your hair through the heated mini portable flat iron, use the brush to keep them firm and straight. Repeat the process until the hair is straightened.

How long do body waves last?

Body waves may last up to six months, depending on your care for the hair. Proper care entails regularly washing the air and ensuring the scalp is dirt-free. Moreover, it would help if you conditioned correctly, dry, and oiled the hair naturally and properly.

If you do not take good care of your body waves using the correct practices, the hair may be usable for a short time. Using natural and proper hair care methods will help you prolong the life of your body wave. For example, you should brush them with care, dry the body waves before sleeping, plan for regular conditioning, and reduce damage from heat.


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