Pusdon + Pusdon dish drying rack

Kitchens should always be spotless. Thus, every item and utensils should be neat. Furthermore, the Pusdon dish drying rack is like any other utensil in the kitchen. If left for a period without cleaning, it can trap dust. One of the best advantages of the drying racks from Pusdon is that even if left for a period without cleaning, it is difficult for it to rust. But it is always good to clean the Pusdon dish drying rack to maintain a clean outer appearance. Below is the ultimate guide to cleaning the Pusdon dish drying rack.


The ultimate guide to cleaning the Pusdon dish drying rack

1. Ensure you have all the cleaning materials ready

The first step to cleaning the Pusdon dish drying rack is by ensuring that you have all the cleaning materials ready. That is, ensure you have hot water, a lint-free piece of cloth, liquid soap, and a small toothbrush. Every cleaning item is essential in ensuring that the cleaning process is done excellently. Furthermore, preparing every cleaning item beforehand will also save you time.

2. Dismantle the Pusdon dish drying rack

If your dish drying rack can be dismantled, ensure to disassemble it for easy cleaning. The dismantling process is relatively straightforward. Therefore, you need to dismantle it apart at a time. Also, it is crucial to ensure that you do not displace the parts during the dismantling process. If a part goes missing, it cannot be easy to function well. Furthermore, missing parts can lead to the dish drying rack being unstable. Thus, ensure to place all the parts in one place.

3. Fill your sink with water

Fill the sink with hot water. Then ensure to add the dishwashing soap. The amount of water in the sink should sustain deep cleaning. Furthermore, the dishwashing soap should be about ½ a cup. The half a cup soap will ensure that your dish drying rack has enough soap for cleansing.

4. Submerge your rack parts

Once your sink has water and soap, submerge the dismantled dish drying rack parts. Then, please leave it in the water for about 10 minutes. The time given will ensure that the water and soap get to every part of the rack. Furthermore, soaking ensures that the stubborn stains can easily come off.

5. Scrub

After the ten minutes are complete, ensure to scrub every part of the rack using the toothbrush. Ensure to give closer attention to any stubborn stains. Washing every part will ensure that your rack becomes perfectly clean.

6. Rinse the rack

Once you are done with scrubbing, you can rinse every part. Ensure to use warm water and that there is no soap left. If there are any stains left, clean the rack again till it is clean.

7. Dry the rack

Once cleaning is complete, use the lint-free cloth to dry the rack. Drying using a piece of cloth prevents the formation of rust.



It is easy for a dish drying rack to trap dust and bacteria. Therefore, it is crucial to clean it constantly. Furthermore, a dish drying rack holds essential utensils such as cups; thus, the cups will also get dirt if the rack is dirty. Therefore, the above steps will guide you to cleaning your dish rack.


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