Does wig prevent hair Growth?

Are you excited to wear your first wig? However, you are concerned that it will cause damage to your natural hair. If these concerns have been bothering you, you are not alone.


Women, in general, adore their natural hair and would go to great lengths to protect it. While many women wear wigs for cosmetic reasons, they also aid in the growth of natural hair.

Here’s everything you need to know about hair loss and wigs.

What Experts Say

Wigs, according to experts, do not prevent hair growth. However, it is possible if certain precautions are not taken when removing the wig.


As a result, depending on the application, wearing a wig can help your hair grow while also causing damage to it.

Wig: A Two-Edged Sword

Wigs have both positive and negative aspects.


The benefit is that it can promote natural hair growth. Wearing a wig covers, shelters, and protects the natural hair from all oppressions caused by scalping, washing, and other natural hair maintenance practices. In essence, it liberates and comforts the hair. This can help to stimulate and improve hair growth.


Failure to follow the healthy guideline when removing your wig, on the other hand, can result in stunted hair growth. Because the wig is on top of the hair, it is easy to forget to care for it.


When this occurs, it becomes a problem, particularly for those who suffer from hair loss disease. Nonetheless, there are methods for caring for your natural hair while wearing a wig. Following the steps outlined below will naturally benefit your hair in the course of time.


Step 1: Keep the natural hair clean

When wearing a wig, it is important to keep your natural hair clean. Heat is generated and transferred to your hair when you wear a wig for an extended period of time.


This can be inconvenient because it can affect the scalp. Shampoo, according to experts, can help fight off scalp infections.


Regardless of the number of hours you’ve worn the wig, your hair will feel natural and refreshing as a result.

Step 2: Ensure that the natural hair is not Dry

Keeping the natural hair dry while wearing a wig has a number of consequences. Moisture will not be locked in, in addition to causing bacterial infections.


If you’re looking for wigs that will facilitate the natural dampness of your hair, then  Honey blonde wig is your best bet. The wig, unlike most others provide cover for your natural hair and with proper conditioning of both ensures their dampness. 


Step 3: Ensure that the distance between your Hair and Wig is large

Bacterial spread can be sped up by regular contact between the wig and hair. The greater the distance between the two, the better the chances of healthy hair growth.


In general, wearing a wig does not impede hair growth. On the other hand, it has the potential to promote natural hair growth. However, in order to achieve positive results, you must do so in a healthy manner. You can do so by following the steps outlined above.


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