Gaming controllers are popular as they enhance the gaming performance and experience. Whichever kind you use somehow dictates the outcome of your video game. The need for wired and wireless game controllers from EasySMX has increased over the years. You will also realize that the market is now flooded with controllers to satisfy the demand of all customers. However, the many choices can make picking a good game controller difficult. So, we look at what to consider and avoid when selecting a suitable gaming controller.

What to look out for when buying wired and wireless game controllers

It is easy to panic when buying a game controller for the first time. This happens when you do not have particular specifications to look at. If you are in such a situation, worry not because we will help you choose what excites you and those you love playing games with. There are four main things to consider. These are;

Build quality

A game controller should be robust and high-quality to withstand any impact. Gaming sessions can be intense, and emotions may run high, especially with friends. You need something that you can hold firmly without fear of damage. A controller that maintains its functionality even after falling off from your arms accidentally. Read each game controller feature to be sure it has the build features you are interested in.


The ideal game controller should be compatible with your gaming console, whether wired or wireless. If you play on your laptop or mobile phone, ensure it is compatible to avoid inconveniences. Note that the wireless controller, also called Bluetooth-enabled, can only function when your gadgets are Bluetooth-enabled. The firmware on the controller and gaming console should match to get the intended results.

Comfort level

Gaming fanatics can play continuously for hours. This means holding the game controller in their hands with no breaks. If you don’t want anything disrupting or stopping your game session, comfort should be your ultimate goal. To achieve this, the first thing to consider is the grip. It keeps the controller firm in your hands, especially if you sweat during the activity. Moreover, the grip shouldn’t feel rough such that it hurts your hands.

Ease of use

Pick a controller that’s easy to operate. It’s easy to use if it’s compatible with your gadgets, has excellent connectivity, and is comfortable. Another thing to note is the design, which determines how well your hand rests on the gaming controller. It shouldn’t be bumpy or full of corners as they can be uncomfortable. Also, the size should suit your hands well. You may find it hard to operate them or try to change the settings when the size is not ideal, thus wasting so much time.


When buying a wired or wireless game controller, key factors are worth considering. The controller’s build, compatibility, and comfort are crucial for enhancing your gaming experience. Additionally, factors like shape and type of gaming console should factor in during your search. Browse the EasySMX website today for some amazing deals on quality wired and wireless gaming controllers.


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