Are you the one who loves cigars very much? Want to enjoy the aroma of your cigar more effectively? Do you want to prevent the damage to your cigar that you may experience with a traditional cutter? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We have got a blunt splitter for you.

Cigar lovers know the true worth of blunt splitter. Without the direct splitter, you are unable to smoke your cigar. Because blunt splitter takes off the head of your cigar. It is the device which assists them in enjoying the real effect of the cigar. Sounds exciting? Stay connected to find more insights!

What Does A Blunt Splitter Mean?

Another name for blunt splitter is scissor, blade or cutter. A blunt splitter refers to a device that features a blade. You can use it to cut the head of the cigar. It comes in various styles and shapes. You can select any that solely rely upon your needs. The option exists to order a personalized blunt splitter.

What Advantages Make Blunt Splitter Stand Out?

Multiple advantages make this special device truly worth it. The key ones are as follows:

Stainless Steel Blades

The blunt splitter features double stainless-steel blades. However, some have a single blade. The term stainless steel means they are not going to rust or corrode easily. These blades have strong resistance to weathering elements. This feature leads you to the longer life of your blunt splitter. Stainless steel also keeps the blades sharper and provides effective long-term cutting.


The weight of the blunt splitter lies in the range of 40 to 60 grams. This is very light. You can easily carry it anywhere you go. The design is so compact and smaller that you can place it in your pockets. It is easy to handle. This feature is beneficial when you use cigars more often.

High Precision Cut

The blunt cutter enables you to cut the blunt of your cigar just the right way you need. The opening for inserting in your cigar is accurate. No minimum or maximum. You can cut your cigar without damaging it or affecting it too much. You can use the handles; thus, applying a little force will get a high-precision wedge on your cigar.

Cost Effective

The cost of the blunt splitter is affordable. Anyone can purchase it. The fee generally lies anywhere within the range of $1.5 to $10. The more complex the design involves making your blunt splitter, the more associated the cost. If you are a small business, ordering in bulk will further decrease the cost of each individual blunt splitter.

Custom Color And Logo

You can personalize your cigar by ordering in the color you prefer or love. The popular colors include yellow, silver, and gray. You can also choose the one you like from standard colors. The option exists to add the logo. This is true when you have your business or company. You can put your company logo on your blunt splitter. This will add up to your personality.


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