Scarfs are generally not one of the very expensive clothing we always wear. Instead, scarves are usually cheap, as they can cost as low as 10 or 20 dollars. However, a lotus silk scarf will cost almost 1000 percent of that figure. Is the lotus scarf more than the regular scarf? Does it have some hidden advantages for this high price? None of that, surprisingly! Your lotus silk scarf is just like any traditional scarf, but this time it has a better appearance and is more attractive. Because of its beautiful look, more and more recognition is coming from lotus silk scarfs.

Everyone wants luxury, and amongst all luxurious items, the rare ones are the most respected. It is hard for you to see two people wearing a lotus scarf in a single day. Suppose you see that regularly; it means that you are an elite person, or you are always around the elites. There are many reasons to wear Scarfs which include cold and, of course, fashion. While the lotus silk scarf is an extraordinary fashionable material, fashion is not the primary goal of wearing a lotus silk scarf. To see someone wearing a lotus silk scarf, they are trying to explain their worth and uniqueness. For lotus scarf wearers, it’s more about the price than the fashion. The price tag of a lotus scarf can be scary if you are not conversant with it. In this article, we will go over why the Scarfs are very expensive.


By a lot of distance, lotus silk takes pride as one of the most expensive silk materials globally. Across the globe, this material is available in only four locations, including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Before now, lotus silk was only found in Cambodia and Myanmar, but recently, this silk was noticed in Vietnam. In the locations where lotus silk is found, it is not found in so much abundance. Already, people who live close by will want to buy a lot of the items based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, out of more than ten thousand locations globally that may have people who need this lotus silk, just three countries can’t provide it.


Getting silk and preparing it is usually an easy job. For most manufacturers, it is as simple as taking the silk from the tree and sewing it into your desired clothing. With lotus skill, it is a lot harder. To become a lotus silk craftsman, you must have undergone certain training because it is not a task for an amateur. It takes time, commitment, patience to make the silk.

Harvesting season

One factor that makes lotus silk sought after is it is not readily available. If you’re looking for lotus silk anywhere between November and March, you’re only wasting your time. This silk is only prevalent between the months of April and October. Therefore, you have a few craftsmen already competing for Harvesting before it comes out.


We all know the truth of “what is rare is precious”. The reason why an item is sought after by everyone is not only because it is rare, but because it is precious enough, and it takes a lot of time and materials to make it. It is rare, so it is not unreasonable that it is scarce and precious. Although the preparation of lotus silk scarves is complicated, the finished product will always surprise you.


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