A garage or a detailing parlor presents a beehive of activities that demand cords or hoses to complete the circuit. While all of them pose tripping hazards, electric cables can be even more dangerous as one risks electrocution. Hose reels come in handy to organize a working area by securing cords in a safe corner while at the same time enhancing tidiness.

The Air hose reel is a bit different from other cords dispensing fluids. It is hooked to an air compressor to enhance durability by keeping the hose off the ground. With the air hose wound neatly around the reel, you can conveniently collect the length commensurate with the stretch you want to employ. The auto element will help you take back the extra span by retracting it evenly.

But because air hoses can withstand high pressure, you might run into a brand with an incompetent Bracket unable to carry the weight. To cushion yourself from such quality issues, choose to go with reputable brands that offer a warranty. If you seek to install a unit with incredible quality, you shouldn’t be afraid to fork out extra pennies.

Giraffe tools offer premium hose reels at a great price. Let’s take a look to be sure the brands fit your bill.

Giraffe’s tools air hose reel offers smooth winding

While some hose reels retract pretty slowly, giraffe’s reels auto rewinds super quickly with a single tug. They feature steel alloys to tender superior strength that handles highly compressed hoses without kinking. Further, the casing is enclosed to guard against damage and enhance even winding.

The inlet adopts steel to reinforce the arm. When you couple a steady casing with a high-quality hose, you get a robust reel that gives you maximum service life in exchange for pennies. So, although the price may prompt to look away, the return on investment is worth the sacrifice.

Giraffe’s air hose reel comes with a bracket and can mount on several platforms

Working with an air hose requires stability. The constant pulling dictates that you employ a powerful tool to secure it on a surface. With a bracket and some screws, you can easily mount your hose reel on the ceiling, walls, or underneath a bench. Of course, your choice relies on the ease of fetching the cord.

When working in a pretty busy environment like a garage or detailing station, hooking your reel on the ceiling is a pretty idea. It is secure, and you can take advantage of the generous length to work in a corner that seems more convenient for you. Just be careful to pick a cable that allows you to hit flexibility and accurate pressure simultaneously.

Giraffe’s air hose reel guarantees durability and sturdiness

The built features long-term strength and durability. All thanks to real-time professional thinking that incorporates steel and brass to deliver a highly tensile bracket that can stand pulling and weight. Also, the combination yields a corrosion-resistant alloy such that the surface can go for several years without a sign of a tear.

You can rely on the built to accommodate high Psi when working with a long rubber hose. Similarly, the spring handles force comfortably, and the hose stands in hot and cold weather. You can think that the system packages all the good qualities to give you a powerful unit you can rely on to strike a balance between quality work and longevity.

Bottom line

If you are looking to install an air hose reel, an excellent point to start is durability and strength. You want a piece that can handle extremely high pressure and provides safety to the hose. A reel that features strong materials such as steel may scream expensive, yet the return is worth the sacrifice. Dare to approach it even if big bucks threaten to stand between you and a quality tool.


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